A window bird feeder provides
an eye-to-eye experience
with your visitors!

A window bird feeder creates an indoor viewing experience that can be found few other places.  Perhaps venues such as public zoos or aviaries can compete by offering comparable close-up views and experiences.  They are certainly able to offer close encounters with exotic wild birds from around the world that a backyard bird watcher would never experience at the living room window.

Nevertheless, there's nothing quite like the comfort of your own home for putting your nose to the window and being eye-to-eye with a chickadee, cardinal, sparrow or finch.  Window seating convenient to the feeder offers you your private indoor perch while relaxing and spying on your outdoor visitors.

Close Encounters

Witness the courtship behavior of many bird species right before your eyes as the male feeds his intended while she flutters her wings accepting his gift of a sunflower seed you provided on your window sill. As the breeding season moves along, watch fledglings being taught where to find seeds and being fed by their parents from the offerings you leave.  Spring and autumn migrations bring rarely-seen visitors passing through to your window for a close look.  Winter visitors will be dressed in plumage offering camouflage as you study the difference in their appearance at your window bird feeder.

Many window feeders don't have the capacity for holding as much feed as their standard-sized hopper, tube or tray feeder cousins.  But if you shop around you will find some models with larger feed storage systems.

Mounting A Window Bird Feeder

Most window feeder types are secured to the glass of  your window pane with suction cups. They securely adhere to the window if the surface is clean and free of residue.  A tiny dab of cooking oil placed in the center of the suction cup (be careful to not let it touch the cup edge) will help it stick.  A few feeder models may employ Velcro.  Still others mount to the window frame and are structured to rest on the sill and actually bring the feed receptacle to the inside of your home.

Being Discreet

Some designs offer one-way-mirrors.  A mirrored feeder masks your presence and makes the motion of your approach less detectible.  If the style of your feeder does not include a mirrored feature, mirrored window film is available for placement on the inside your window.

Design, Style, Model Selection

The variety of window bird feeder types is as broad as the full-sized kind.  Feeders are available in variations of the tray, hopper, and tube models.  You'll also find specialty feeders in window designs allowing you to offer nectar, suet, nuts and mealworms to attract bluebirds, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and more!

Special Uses

Everyone loves to watch wild birds from this most intimate, eye-to-eye vantage point afforded by a window feeder.  There are some special reasons to make a place for these designs:

  • stimulate youngsters' curiosity
  • offer the elderly and shut-ins the company of wild birds
  • provide computer screen relief when placed on an office window
  • make chores more enjoyable with a window feeder near a sink

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