Birds Use Ground Bird Baths In Nature
They're Called Mud Puddles!

Ground bird baths are becoming increasingly popular.  They're made to sit directly on the ground or in a frame that raises them only slightly above ground level.

Many garden shops sell two-piece pedestal-style bird baths.  That is, they sell the stand separately from the bowl.  Simply purchase only the bowl that you like and presto ... you have a ground bird bath.

The ground bath is an excellent choice to nestle among low-growing plants in a patch of ground cover or flower bed.  The in-ground bath water feature provides visual design interest for humans and a natural watering position for wild birds.

The color may simulate rocks along waterways.  It may be dark appearing like the mud puddle birds are so familiar with.

Bird baths placed on the ground can be just about any size, but the most popular are roughly 14 to 20 inches in width.  A ground-level style bath is well suited to irregular shapes.

Advantages Of Ground Level Baths

  • Ground baths are decorative and can be sized to be appropriate for a wide range of habitats from large expansive gardens to a small balcony.
  • Like their pedestal-style relatives, ground baths are offered in novelty shapes, sizes, classical and whimsical themes.
  • The ground bath attracts birds a traditional pedestal bird bath won't such as wood peckers who can't physically hold on to the rim of a bowl but can land on a simulated flat rock.
  • Smaller birds that will come to an elevated bath to sip from the edge, may be more likely to bathe in ground models offering shallower water levels.  The little ones are more comfortable knowing the water is not deep.
  • Some birds are just more comfortable at ground level where they regularly forage for food.
  • Ground models more commonly have a rough finish giving birds the sure footing they prefer to smooth surfaces.  Wild birds won't slip on the simulated stones.

Some Things To Consider

  •  You'll need level ground in the area you select to place your pedestal bird bath.
  • Make sure the bowl has enough weight and so it's not easy to for wind to flip it over.  Although a ground level model could be blown by wind if made of light-weight material, you can pile up ground around the pool to make it less likely to be moved, disturbed or blown away.
  • Birds could be at risk from cats and other predators.  Minimize risk by placing the ground bird bath near bushes where birds can take shelter.
  • Keep grass and vegetation trimmed around the bird bath to give birds a better view of surroundings.
  • Store the bath indoors in harsh winter climates if needed.  Freezing water in the basin as well as frozen ground beneath may damage it if it's not made for harsh climate conditions.

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