Does Wild Bird Watching Fascinate You?

Humans have been wild bird watching since earliest times.  We have wanted to fly for as long as we have been bird watching.  When you were a child, did you envy the birds who never had to go to school and whose existence seemed carefree?  Do you appreciate and marvel at birds in a whole new way as an adult realizing how difficult and tenuous their lives are?  Do you enjoy the beauty of birds and their songs?  When you travel by air, do you ever think about man's earliest attempts to fly, look out the window and try to imagine the sensation of winging your way along in the sky unassisted by the airplane's frame?  And, have you ever longed to draw the birds so near you could almost touch them?

Hummingbirds are bold enough to approach feeders offered by the human hand.

Once the hummingbirds have found your feeder and return to it regularly,
simply remove it and stand in its place with a small hummer feeder in hand.

Be still.  Be patient.  Be rewarded.

Wild bird watching is one of
the most popular hobbies.

We marvel at fossils of pterosaur bones.  Pterosaur?  Isn’t that like a dinosaur?  It is!  Descended from dinosaurs, there are about 9,000 wild bird species worldwide.  And they have developed into streamlined, highly specialized and colorful feathered flying machines that amaze and amuse us today.

Birds don’t see lines drawn on maps or stop at international boundaries.  Wild birds live in a world without borders where they are free to roam.  They disappear with seasonal migrations to places we don’t know and return again to become our own for a while.  Did you ever think about following birds on their migration? 

Bird watching is among the most popular hobbies.  Its popularity is world wide.  And, why shouldn't it be?  Whether finding the seeds of interest sown in our own gardens and backyards or being drawn into it by the passion of others, observing nature's feathered flying creatures is fascinating.  Whether you engage in bird watching passively, casually, seriously, or competitively, it's sure to draw you in and keep making you want more.

Why is wild bird watching popular around the world?

... Health benefits?  For sure!  There is solid evidence that enjoying nature and bird watching reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.  It's preventive medicine.

... Enjoy works of art? The beauty of birds is incomparable.  They are a feast for the eyes and there is always something new to take note of in your observations.

... Marvel at scientific finds and engineering feats?  What well constructed flying machines they are. Ornithology, a branch of zoology, will fascinate you.  And even with casual bird watching, you can contribute to scientific data collecting.

... Do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt?  Yes, bird watching IS a competitive sport!  Birders vie to see how many wild bird species they can see or hear in a specified area during a specified time.

... Are you a joiner or have a volunteer spirit?  Find kindred souls in bird watching clubs and many volunteer opportunities to help nature where she may need a hand.

... Have a wanderlust?  Exotic bird watching and citizen scientist travel opportunities from beginner to advanced and for every age group let your imagination and your reality take flight.

... Like garden art and gadgets?  Bird feeders, bird baths, bird houses, cameras and binoculars just scratch the surface.

... Do you like the sound of music?  Listen for and be delighted by bird songs and calls as they change with every season.

So, what are some of your reasons for bird watching?


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